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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time trap

So I am still doing revisions on the proposal. I finished 2 rounds of comments with one committee member, another hasn't looked at either of the 2 versions I've now sent her and the other 3 are easy to please.

The fact that my papers aren't signed have kept me from sleeping the last two nights. I realize that these committee members are just trying to help me. But to a certain extent, if they want specific changes made and feel that they are really important couldn't they you know, look at them in a timely fashion when I make the changes? I don't want to come off as ungrateful or anything and I know they are super busy at this time of the semester too, but I don't think they really know why it is such a big deal... my university requires one to take a full load if you aren't to candidacy. However, they won't pay for this full load of classes if I am not on campus and I can't do my research if I am AT my university. Also, one of these days I need to sleep!
I am going to work on some grants and maybe knit a little. Until I have better news, or more zzzzs to form coherent thoughts I leave you with the animals!

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