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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

iPod/Tunes meme

I saw this over at Dr. Brazen Hussy and thought it was super great.

In honor of the new hard drive V is getting for his pod and the new battery he order for my pod.... The iPod meme!

3rd Generation 20 gig , over 3 years old.
How many songs: 4639
First song: 'Cause I Love You by Johnny Cash
Last song: Zone Doubt by Sebedoh
Shortest: "It'd be nice if you could pull me into town" from Napoleon Dynamite (3 seconds) Shorest music containing piece: "One last "Whoo-Hoo!" for the Pullman by Sufjan Stevens
Longest: The Tain by The Decemberists. I have a Robbie Willliams song that goes long (28 and change) but that one has a hidden track at the end so it is mostly silent
Five most played songs: I have a bad habit of not listening to things on itunes (at work I tend to listen to KEXP through itunes radio). Or I don't let the song finish so it doesn't count it. I also let me battery TOTALLY die on the pod so bad that it resets and doesn't keep count for more than 2 weeks (see NEW battery V ordered me!) That said the following all have 2 full plays...
1) Sons & Daughters by The Decemberists
2) Bullet and a Target by Citizen Cope (and a post title from a few days ago...)
3) By the Time it Gets Dark by Yo La Tengo
4) Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney
5) Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson (I had my run so was rocking this in the gym)
First song that comes up on "shuffle": Everything Hits at Once by Spoon
Number of items that come up when searching for:
"sex": 5
"death": 74 (lots of Death Cab for Cutie and a double album called Death to the Pixies)
"love": 235
"you": 537
"me": 1149
"cry": 20



Blogger Moe said...

Congrats on the admission to candidacy! My comps weren't as great, my advisor would not give me any advice beforehand, couldn't be bothered looking at my proposal that I gave her months beforehand, and she left to go to another meeting halfway through.


8:26 AM  
Blogger Mr. McCarthy said...

Were there originally typos in this post that you went back and fixed? I remember it being less coherent the first time I read it? Am I hallucinating?

6:42 PM  

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