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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A very woozy Xmas

So my last pre-Xmas post was a little bit of a downer and things have all worked themselves out. Xmas was good- saw lots of family and friends and I got all sorts of fun stuff for my upcoming field work (a tent!), some fun stuff, and some Knitty stuff... It was a very utilitarian holiday. I only wanted things that I could use and only cane things that were useful or consumable. A lot of people got some booze from me this year. At least they will enjoy it!

Wedding stuff will be a later post but things are being decided and will be good even if they have to be different than I originally thought. Sounds ominous right? Not really, I think the stress of it is mostly over.

Now it is my relaxing day- the cats are playing and I am stilli n my pjs. A trip to a yarn store is planned and I might even work on some revisions of a manuscript that are due next month. Eh, maybe not...I still have to fill up my new tiny mp3 player =)


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