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Sunday, December 17, 2006

You know the tune

So, this was my weekend in Christmas carol form...

12 Furry pet feet
11 Ro-ows Knitted*
10 A.M. I Slept Till
9 Pairs of Shorts Packed**
8 Blogs Caught Up On
7 Loads of Laundry
6 Friends at Hibachi
5 Kiiiinds of Truff-les***
4 Vodka drinks
3 Yarn pics
2 Miles run
and a Bears Win in Oo-oo-verrrr-TIME!!!!!!!!!

* I knit more than 12 but the song isn't 64 Days of Christmas and I probably didn't even do 64 differnet things this weekend.
** I have lost my favorite black pants. Thay are fancy but don't make me look like a caterer or a 19 year old going ot the bars. I have searched this whole damn house and they are gone. Where else could they be?
***WOW. I started making truffles tonight. They are going to be amazing. 5 kinds: Peanut butter, raspberry, chili pepper, dark chocolate, and chai tea. I think the chai and raspberry will be my favorites but V loves the peanut butter and pepper. Yum!


Blogger kate.d. said...

don't make me look like a caterer

ah hahaha! i hate that. i borrowed a pair from my sister on christmas eve that i worried were dangerously close to that territory, but damn did they make me look thin. so i went with it :)

2:44 PM  

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