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Friday, December 15, 2006

Super good science day!

I found out this morning that my first manuscript with my current advisor is accepted with minor revisions!

AND all my committee members agreed to sign within our deadline even if they haven't a) looked at my revisions yet (grrr) or b) want more revisions. I have to promise to do them and not just blow them off after getting the signatures. They will all be signed as of Monday! Candidacy here I come!

AND a previous student of my advisors agreed to collect data for us! He collected the first 3 years of data and I did the last one. To keep things constant (and becuase I don't have time right now) he will fill in all the blank years so that I can do the statistics, write up the paper and make everyone famous.

I'm off to the bar to celebrate!



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Woo hoo!

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