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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quick one...

Wednesday brought an exam to proctor, a traffic citation for expired inspection (I had been at the place the day before but didn't have my registration. grrrr), grading, car inspection, more grading, department holiday party, packing, more farewell drinks, and more packing. After the 13 hour drive, we are safely in Chicagoland. The cats were crazy upon our arrival and I found Seymour IN a closed cabinet in the middle of the night. We've done 3 wedding appointments (chocolate cake with raspberry filling!), two evenings filled with good friends, food and drinks and but only one night of sleep even close to being decent (on Amandamonkeys' floor).

I am exhusted. The coffee that usually flows like water has been hard to come by. I have been going non-stop since Tuesday and I now feel like I'm always only 45 minutes from another appointment or running 20 minutes late. After the holidays (and my trips up to WI and down to V's family) things will hopefully be calm for a day or two.
I'd like to sleep till 11, take a long shower, knit all afternoon and then eat chinese food. Here's hoping!



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