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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hey kiddos! Where O where have I been? Well, I am to give a presentation in 29 minutes so here is a quick rundown (yes, I should d othe rundown AFTER THE PRESENTATION but sometimes you just need a quick break from electric fish communication) I have been...
Seeing V with a sweet fu manchu before shaving his whole beard
Rock climbing and going to dance class with Sneks
Having too many migraines lately- time to go back on medication for them
Planning a research trip Out West with maybe a side vacation trip to Mexico
Eating at the best resturant in our town. Two blocks from my house and it took us 6 months to finally get there.
Doing DNA stuff
Finishing a pair of armwarmers
Possibly getting my own undergrad in the lab
Cuddling with Seymour who now likes to sleep under the covers with us
Reading this great article about the OC characters as world powers ( links won't work...

That pretty much sums it up. Pics of knitting gifts, mounstaches and who knows what else tonight after work! Must finish my notes for now!


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