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Sunday, January 22, 2006

usurp. I have no previous posts starting with a word that starts with U.

A quiet weekend was had by all. Saturday brought knitting, reading, and watching DVDs of Scrubs- plus a fantastic Italian dinner out with friends. It is weird- I honestly can't rerally remember DOING anything yesterday. Hmmm.
Today was shopping for new pants for V;s interview on Thursday! He will do great but despite 3 hours of shopping and lunch-ing- he still needs to get some good pants. Found some but then they don't match the shirt that was at home. Blah. I have a love and hate relationship with shopping. I love browsing, but I hate trying things on as they rarely fit anyways and then if they do I stress about spending the money. I should give it up and shop online more often.
Also, I should get back to knitting or actually finishing my reading for class tomorrow but...

Really, I don't think there is anything cuter than when cats stick their toungues out.
Resident cat: Seymour (who doesn't have toungue out in this pic but does right now laying next to me...)


Blogger mammagumm said...

I do so enjoy seeing pics on your site. I assume that they are from your camera, so you are learning to use it very well.
I cleaned out the sports room yesterday. It needs a new name. Boot room, craft room, ski pants that fit no one room..........I'm open for suggestions here!

8:52 AM  
Blogger ronocluck said...

i think your cat and jay's cat may be twins...

my cat has long fur perfect for increasing dry cleaning bills.

but i'll agree with the cat toungues and the cuteness of them being out.


10:26 PM  

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