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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A few details...

So, upon request, details of my DNA scarf. I am pretty ghetto and haven't ever spent more than mmmm, 20$ on a single skein of yarn so I don't really use anything fancy. I also am still new so I don't KNOW a lot of yarns yet. For the DNA, I am using Lambs Pride worsted. Since it is a gift, I wanted to make it functional and warm in addition to the DNA-ness of it. It is in color M-83, Raspberry. I am very happy with how it is turning out- the pattern really shows up well. I also thought a lighter color might be better for the pattern but once it is blocked I think it will be fine. To cut down on any itchy-ness (and hide the wrong-side-cable) I might sew some off-white satin or something to the back once I'm done. I think a cashmerino/microfibre would also work well (and be softer) - really anything that isn't too fuzzy to mask the pattern.
It goes pretty quickly once you get into it and it is turning out so cool that I have already decided on making at least two more (for me and V)!

I hope this is helpful! I have updates on Darwin, NYC knitting and some cute animal pics but I also have cheescake and a cocktail in front of me.... blogging will have to wait!


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