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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Sooooooooo long since an update but mice, leaky roofs and most of all exams do not make for fun posts! Luckily- the leak has ceased for now and we've seen no mice for a week now. There were 5- 4 caught by Seymour and 1 caught by V. And the last exam is tomorrow morning 8am. Why an exam at 8 am on a Sunday? Who knows but that is how we work at my school.

As to knitting: I finished the Xmas presents and blocked them last night. Now trying to finish a baby blanket from last year, a Bday present for Janurary and two sets of armwarmers for friends (sort ofd xmas/thank you/presents). More on those later plus holiday party pics, and on how hooked I am on "LOST" (It is so damn good!) after I rock my last exam tomorrow....Happy Saturday night!


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