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Monday, November 28, 2005

A few things

We made it back safe and sound and with a cat who is so happy to have us back that he is even cuddling with V (he NEVER does that).
Anyways, the good news is that I am not crazy- at least not in a seeing things sort of way. About two weeks ago I thought I saw a tree lit up on the side of the tallest building in our town. I made V drive around and look for it with me but it was gone. No tree, no green lights, just me with a story about an Xmas tree weeks before Thanksgiving. Today it was there again! It is so festive and bright and the coolest thing is that it is actually there and I wasn't imagining it.

Sort of random but I must tell you that I hate that they use "Linus and Lucy" in a Ford commercial. I love love love that song and all of the Vince Guraldi (spelling may be wrong) Trio Charlie Brown music. It is so good to listen to all year round (even the Christmas music)- just not in a commercial.

I can't talk about knitting because it is all secret right now. Hopefully I will be fast and gift it this weekend.


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