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Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Knitter!

Welcome Snex to the ranks of knitters everywhere! Last night was her first foray into knitting and she did really well for the first time. I started abother square for PhD schools' afghans for Afghans project and worked on V's Bears hat too.

Friday night was a going away dinner for Hamstergrrl. It was great food at the Melting Pot and I think the most exensive meal I have ever eaten (at least having paid for myself!). It was SO good though- 4 courses of fondue goodness. My favorite was the desert course of course! Chocolate with crunchy peanut butter seriously to die for.... now only if it didn't have to involve one of my good friends leaving the country!


Anonymous Snex said...

Thanks for teaching me to knit!! I wasted a good couple hours of my Sunday practicing and then "frogging"! Soon I will have to start a knitting blog too! :)

11:09 AM  

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