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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So Saturday was the housewarming party and it went off great. We had about 25 people total and more food than we knew what to do with. V and I will be eating leftover burgers for the rest of the week! Bugers and wine- what a life! Anyways, Sat morning I realized this was my first sort of adult party and I got all nervous about it but lots of help from friends in the kitchen and answering the door and keeping me busy and laughing made it much better. It was such a great feeling to have everyone (as far as I could tell)- enjoying themselves. Check out the link to AmandaMonkey for a few pics of the cat dressed in his party finest and V outside grilling in the rain.

Since then, I have been a knitting mess: I balled all my leftover Alpaca. I started a skinny seed stich scarf out of a nice grey Alpaca. I feel like I need something more colorful than grey but it was all I had enough of and I couldn't resist knitting it up. I am going home tonight to frog my Branching Out and restart it. My 3 repeats look fine but I used black yarn and you can't see the pattern AT ALL. Plus I had earmarked that yarn for armwarmers a long time ago. I will restart Branching Out in a sparkly champagne color as an Xmas gift. One for myself can wait (especially with my alpaca scarf- yum!). I am also frogging the baby blanket I started. I hate the yarn so will get some nice stuff at the awesome IL yarn store next month when I am at my mom's for Thanksgiving. It is an amazing place. Finally, I am frogging a skinny ribbon scarf I started for my best friend and never finished. It was more "belt" than "scarf." Also, more "weird" than "nice."

Well, I am finally getting out of the office for the day- let the frogging begin!


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I can't tell you how many times I frogged Branching Out before I got to where I am. I've gotta find my bamboos...

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