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Sunday, September 25, 2005

holy brain power!

Knitting news first!! I did three count 'em THREE whole rows on my moms mitten. And V caught me knitting when I was suppossed to be studying so I had to quit at 3. Luckily I did the row of increases and it is st stich for 2 inches. Hopefully they will get some attention tomorrow.

I have studied my butt off...and still need to study more. My Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy exam is in 10.5 hours and I still have 3 whole sections to cover. I learned my skull bones, I learned my cladogram, now it is on to comparing skulls, development(which I am ok with) and pictures of all the ancestors of crainates.

I also got rear-ended on my way to school. AWESOME! Luckily neither me or the other guy was hurt but my poor car needs some fixing- just some major scratches and a light out but I am not looking forward to the hassle of it all getting fixed.

Well, back to studying...


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