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Sunday, November 20, 2005

sniffle sniffle

So yesterday was the Big Rivalry Game. The MOST played college football rivalry that was in its 125+ meeting. Football is much easier to follow on TV but was cool to see such a big crowd at my school. This was my 2nd college football game in all of my 3 schools. We missed out on the tailgate (and I had a completely strange "meeting" of the grad students in anatomy last night) We left to miss traffic with 2 minutes left and our team up by 2. I guess it was a good game because the other team actually won with a touchdown in those 2 minutes!

The game did a number on me though. It was really cold and windy and whatever sickness I have been pushing away has finally got me. I am tired and runny-nosed and just trying to rest until V gets back from the store with the Dayquil. Hopefully the Thanksgiving break won't be ruined by sickness. I am already pretty much booked everyday. Being more busy when on break than during school sucks but what do you do? Relax or see people who you don't usually get to? Maybe I'll get to relax at Xmas break...

I must keep my knitting news to myself as it is for someone who I think reads this- My newest project is AWESOME though and one of my favorites yet!!

Finally, I must wish Hamstergrrl luck in Australia. She left yesterday for an unknown amount of time but filled with research and lots of adventures knowing her!


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