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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What do YOU do in the car?

I knit in the car. This was great!! I can not read in the car- it is a bad situation. I have tried to knit in the car and have failed and ended up with a migraine and upset stomache. But last night I decided I could try again so I found I can knit in the car (If it is dark out and if it is garter stich and if it is only for an hour). At least I finished an afghans for Afghans square. I also did 4 more repeats on Branching Out but that was over the last few days and definitly NOT in the car.

So I am in Illinois for the next few days. My wireless connection doesn't work (I am really hoping it is just the hardware and not my whole computer slowly dying) but my mom has a great computer- it is even green. It is so cool!

Anyways, I need to get showered. So far this trip is going well. V's mom bought us donuts for breakfast and I am expected at the bar in less than an hour.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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