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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hello again!

So, a while there wasn't it. Didja miss me?

I blog with renewed strength and vigor and pictures! My mom got me a digital camera which is awesome (Kodak EasyShare z740) AND printer (HP all-in-one photosmart 3210) that even scans real negatives and so is a mini photo lab all in itself. As soon as traveling is over on Thursday, it will be pics galore!
Yesterday was a super fun day in Chicago with my bestest friend! We (and V) went to the Shedd (yea fishes!) and the Field for the Pompeii exhibit. Pompeii was alright but I do not suggest going to look at casts of from a pyroclastic surge (at least I learned something) the day after Christmas. Too crowded, too morbid. At least we spent most of our time with the fishes!

I also got some GREAT knitting gifts that I will model soon....

I hope everyone got to spend some quality time with their loved ones and is having a good week.


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