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Saturday, January 21, 2006

My first Knit-A-Long!

So I stumbled upon what I think is the best first KAL for me....the “Homer Simpson Olympic Knitalong.”
Check out the rules....
1) Don’t even think about casting on or knitting during the opening ceremonies. For that matter, why would you be knitting from February 10th to February 26th anyway. I mean, geeze, it’s the Winter Olympics---prime TV watching time. Plus, how can you knit while you're holding a beer bottle.
2) Between February 10th and February 26th, you are forbidden from starting a new knitting project. Don’t you all have too many WIPs anyway? Why take on another project?
3) Relish in your utter failure to complete anything by February 26th. In fact, those who do complete a project will be kicked off the island.

Not finishing things? Not starting things? This is the majority of what I do I even can get a button for it!

Off to enjoy my lazy Saturday working on the DNA scarf that is due for a Jan. 30th B-day. I must put some major time into it or it isn't going to get done. Let's hope my homework gets done too!


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