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Monday, January 16, 2006

Seriously? I thought this was over

So this semester REALLY should be the LAST CLASS EVER. I know I said that last time but this semester is Another One (edited to take the name out). I don't even think I can spell those words correctly let alone master the subject. Wish me luck...please.

Classes started today and that is fine- I need to finish 2 manuscripts by the end of the month and tomorrow will be the first dance class I take in almost two years. A jazz and a ballet class. I am super excited- the instructor asked me how many hours a week I used to dance and I was amazed...on average it was probably 4 classes a week but at the height of rehersals it was up to 5 hours a day. It might have been a while since then but I have no doubt it will bring me as much joy tomorrow and for the next 8 weeks as it always had....


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