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Friday, January 27, 2006

I love me some animals

V and I have a zoo of animals at home. We can entertain anyone with our, cat, fishes (only one tank at home but more at work/school), lizards, toads (spadefoots, red-spotted, regular old Bufo), frogs (Whites' tree frog, green tree frogs, some other tree ones I don't know the names of), salamanders (raised from eggs collected in the field), newts (adult and efts), turtles, and a tortoise (Demetri).
You'd think that'd be enough right? Well, thanks to CuteOverload and Stuff on Cats, I want more. I want to devote my whole house to tiny, adorable creatures.
Holy crap are they awesome! They will fully ensure that you don't get a manuscript to your advisor this afternoon (wait that might just be me!)


Blogger mammagumm said...

That would be Kurzer's blog addy. Jason finally updated his and gave a link. Thought I would share, or you can get it yourself.

2:00 PM  

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