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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update, bullet style!

S, V is complaining I haven't blogged in SO long. Even though we are spending time with each other FINALLY. So, for V who already knows all this anyways, here is what is going on....
  • I didn't hotel blog because I didn't get their wireless signal then was stricken with a migraine. Non-smoking room my ass.
  • I have the cutest kitties ev-eh! Turtle, in 4 months hasn't really grown. It is weird but so cute as she is might just be eternally kitten sized. Seymour is bratty and awesome as always =)
  • I got my hair done today. It fell down in the wind.
  • We got the tent put up today. It also is falling down in the wind.
  • My dress fitting was horrendous. The seamstress hates me but if my 2 options are 1) have an inch gap at the top of the dress or 2) not be able to breathe and having my armpits look fat, then I need a third option as neither of those is acceptable. We got it worked out alright and will end up sewing my bra into the dress after I put it on so that it doesn't peak out the back. After altering the top to fit that particular bra, she decides to just pull the bra down 2 inches in the back. This messes up the front that we just spent 2 days to fix. Apparently I am the only one who sees that as a problem.
  • I need a drink and a nap.
  • V and I still haven't picked a dance song...
  • We spent alllll day yesterday at the mall picking attendant gifts and clothes for V. He has some nice new duds!
  • V is off to pick up his tux soon. I am going to buy ribbons and make place cards. gee. fun.
  • There is evidence of cicadas but I have yet to see a live adult. At our ceremony site (where we discovered there is no power) we hopefully won't have to deal with the noisy buggers. If so, my brother is going to McGuyver together a PA system with a wireless mic, a laptop and a car battery.
  • My Jaywalker is totally too small even for my moms size 8 feet! Will blocking help? I was on gauge almost perfectly so I don't get what happened! I have serious issues frogging. Should I frog the whole darn sock? Phooey! I need help with this thing!

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Anonymous Evan Dando said...

Not sure when your wedding is... sounds like it is just around the corner. Congrats and have fun. --My favorite part of your post was rigging a PA with a car battery. Sounds like something Cory (my brother) would do. Take care and have fun. Will send you an email soon, but there is not too much to report.

10:13 AM  

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