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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let's Get Known

I gave a talk today for a local organizations' monthly meeting. Besides the creepy guy who raised his eyebrows at me a few times during lunch, and starting off with a prayer and pledge of allegiance- it went ok. I was volunteered to give this talk with 2 days notice. Probably because no one else wanted to do it and my boss thought it would be good for the "Invited Talks" section of my CV. I can't say I would agree to do anything like this again but I got a good response. As I finished (and by 'finished' I mean was cut off because they started late in the first place and their meeting was supposed to be over), one woman exclaimed "I never knew I could get so excited about [that]!!" Someone else said it was very clear I love what I do. Hearing those comments made the hassle and short notice all worthwhile.

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