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Monday, April 30, 2007

cool science updates

Back in November, I posted about 'panda porn.' Turns out, CNN is reporting this again today but it really didn't work. Artificial insemination will be used instead. I didn't research this enough to know why they were trying it in the first place. I thought pandas were pretty solitary so when in the wild would they have ever seen other pandas going at it anyways? Maybe they learn other things in captivity from watching other pandas? Maybe they are just trying anything and everything they can think of? Either way, I still have to giggle that Google alerts will give me 'the latest news update on panda porn' though. I'm 12.

On a different note, you may remember that I recently endorsed 'Billie' in the Great Turtle Race. It was a tough call. I almost went with 'Stephanie Colbertle' but in the end, it was Billie, with a good combination of nest number, clutch size and experience (been laying since 1995) that I had to support. And SHE WON, taking a more Northern route than any of the other turtles. Way to go Billie!



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The title of this post contains an oxy moron.

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