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Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 for 2

I am in IL now and am exhausted. I was on the road at 5am (and was up late celebrating!), caught an earlier flight than I had planned into Chicago, drove straight to Milwaukee for my Grandpas 88th birthday lunch surprise and now am finally relaxing. The conference was a blur of folks I knew (from my MS) and know (from my current work) and need to impress (my outside committee member). My talk went really well. I got a full room and folks were even standing. People really responded to my story and Sneks is the coolest for sending me video clips to add in- people loved them!
My favorite responses were from a couple of female undergraduate students. They tracked me down at the poster session and were all excited and nervous but really enthusiastic about the work. I am used to being a student and looking up to more advanced students, postdocs or faculty. It was the first time I had younger students take notice of my research and approach me in the same way. It was pretty cool...
Even cooler is that I got one of the student grants! I am officially two for two in terms of funded grants this year! It is so great to know that I will be able to afford my field work! Of course it also feels really good knowing that other people think my ideas are alright too! Woo hoo!!

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