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Saturday, April 28, 2007

As promised

Don't think I'd leave you hanging, promising bunnies and never delivering!
I am back at the DO and am running experiments after a day of technical difficulties. The folks here replaced a plug that last week was shooting flames at me (not just sparks!) but in doing so, had the power turned. My timers controlling the light cycle for my animals got messed up because of this power outage. Sigh. A one day set back is not the end of the world. It IS annoying though.

So far I have been running only Experiment 1 but I am on the verge of also starting Experiment 3. Experiment 2 is a field study that will wait till I have a field assistant in June. And by 'field assistant' I mean V. Anyways, Experiment 3 is my big-time-super-cool-awesome experiment. I am pretty psyched to finally be starting it but I think all my tinkering with Experiment 1 will allow it to get off the ground pretty quickly.
I know this blog has sort of just been a record of highs and lows as far as research and life goes lately and hopefully that will change a bit. There will be a big productivity push from now till I leave for the wedding. I am actively fighting the usual depression of returning to DO and really can't afford the laziness in work that has been associated with it the last couple of times. I am knitting (turning the heel of my Jaywalker this evening!), running (as soon as I finish this post) and trying not to virtually disappear for about 10 days. Of course, the bunnies help too.

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