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Saturday, May 05, 2007

A conversation

Me: Happy Derby Day!
Person I see occasionally on the weekends: Of yeah, is that always on the 5th of May?
Me: No, just the first weekend. It is also Cinco De Mayo though.
PISOW: Well, I don't celebrate THAT. I'm an American. I celebrate American holidays, not holidays of foreign countries.
PISOW: Vague story about immigrants from his childhood.
PISOW: But at least those immigrants followed the rules and they had it pretty good. You know, I was looking over a list of immigrant laws and regulations and I couldn't believe some of them. Immigrants can not participate in protests or fly different flags. And those are the Mexican laws for immigrants!
Me: Yeah, in America we try to make it so that no one can protest. Ha!
PISOW: (ignoring what I said)- But you know, Mexico is a socialist country**. 10% of the people have all the wealth and everyone else is so poor your wouldn't believe it.
Me: Gotta go!

* This guy starts on lectures or rants and the next thing you know, it is 45 minutes later and you haven't got a word in edgewise. Not that it would matter because he is going to think whatever he wants based on nothing substantial at all. One time he yelled at me about global warming. I try to avoid him and say innocuous things when I do see him. Who knew Cinco de Mayo was such an inflammatory subject...

** I have also been told by this guy that England is a socialist country. I'm not sure why, possibly because of a carbon tax?


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