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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm a Pepper

One of the best parts of being back in the Southwest is that I still know a few people around these parts. One of my great friends (and set-er up-er of V and I, who I will call 'Cactus Queen') has been able to meet me for the last two conferences I attended. The first, we ended up taking a whirlwind tour of the Dr. Pepper museum during a particularly irrelevant afternoon session. I lived in Texas for over 2 years and always wanted to go to the Dr. Pepper museum. Finally, I made it!
This past time, we ended up with what had to be one of the last hotel rooms in town. And what an amazing room it was. Nothing like relaxing in the bathtub after your talk! Of course, that whole bathtub in the room thing was a bit weird...
I am so happy to see Cactus Queen on a semi-regular basis. She is living the field scientist life as well and has been doing it far longer than me. Commiserating with someone over research conditions you can't control, thousands of miles traveled, and which frozen meals are the best (we agreed- the ones with a little cobbler desert!) makes life at the DO a little easier.
Of course, not all of having old friends at conferences is good. After getting that grant at the banquet, Cactus Queen actually held me to my previous (not really serious because I didn't think I would get the darn thing) promise of a celebratory tequila shot. Of course right AFTER that, I was shuffled from the bar to be introduced to the spouse of the grants namesake.....Nothing makes a 'thank you' more heartfelt than smelling of tequila!
Although, despite my feeling like an ass, I am sure no one there really noticed or actually cared at all. There were far more folks doing far more embarrassing things. Like dancing. And giving speeches after a few too many. Or Cactus Queen herself having a very loud interaction with the bartender right as the keynote speaker was trying to start their talk...

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Blogger Macoco said...

Ha! I hate it when you're talking loud and then suddenly everyone gets quiet...well except for you. ;) Sounds like a great time!

1:59 PM  

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