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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little House of Savages

I love the pet sitting (hot shower- woo!) but it is starting to get ridiculous. Over the course of this week and next I am house sitting for 4 people. Here's the breakdown...
House 1: 1 turtle, 1 lizard, 1 fish tank and 1 cat.
House 2: 1 fish tank, 1 gecko, 2 tanks of frogs, 1 tortoise, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 coop of pigeons, 48 chickens.
House 3: 1 horse (!!!)
House 4: 2 dogs (I've been here a couple times before).

House 2 has cable so I can enjoy Derby Day too! Last year I was all about Bluegrass Cat (who finished second) and this year, it is Cowtown Cat. He is a long shot but I just can't get over a horse named Cat. He has Funny Cide for a half-brother, Bluegrass Cat as an uncle and Secretariat for a great-great grandhorse, shares a trainer with Bluegrass Cat, PLUS he won the Illinois Derby. Sounds like a good pick to me!

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