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Friday, May 04, 2007

dawn can't decide

I have been faced with what seems like an incredibly easy yet somehow impossible decision. Do I stay here and work my tail off all summer trying to finish my research or do I go to a conference in July?
Incomplete lists of...
Reasons to stay...1) I would get more data and would be that much closer to finishing my experiments. 2) I have already gone to 2 smaller conferences this spring. 3) Traveling halfway across the country is seriously crappy. 4) Did I mention the data? I only have a limited time here and can not run experiments when I get back in the lab in PA. 5) Abstracts are due in about a week. 6) I am taking time off for other things- my wedding, 2 other weddings

Reasons to go...1) I have already gotten conformation that I can return in the Summer of 2008 to finish experiments if I need to. 2) It is my sub-fields biggest annual conference. 3) I'd present a poster on my preliminary dissertation data. 4) I would get to see V on my way there and back. 5) Networking is one of my favorite things about science and getting even more important as I get further along in my degree. 6) An extremely relevant symposium I would go to. 7) Super duper fun time will be had. 8) I don't think I've ever been to the state where it is held.

I know that I *want* to go. But I feel like I *should* stay here. 'Data above all else' is pretty much drilled into my head. I've only skipped this conference once since I started grad school though and that was only due to the costly location. I wish I had more time to assess if I will be far enough along to leave or if I will have to spend more time troubleshooting protocols and be further behind schedule. Is a week spent away from the lab going to make or break my dissertation? Probably not....

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Blogger Sarah said...

Go to the conference! Conferences are the best.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Mr. McCarthy said...

Since when do make Lemonheads references?

2:45 PM  

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