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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decisions decisions

V and I have not yet decided on a 'first dance' song for the wedding. He, in particular, is a music buff and has quite a collection. I know he has at least 1 250 gig hard drive full. Possibly more.
We both are particular about our music and mostly listen to music of the indie rock persuasion. Music has played a major role in our relationship. The fact that Vance knew bands I liked that none of my friends knew was instantly impressing to me. He gave me his phone number for the first time on a mixed cd and a lot of our fun times revolve around shows and concerts.
Unfortunately, despite all of this we don't have 'a song'. There are songs we listened to constantly at different stages of our relationship but no sort of love song that we claimed as our own. So how do you pick something? A classic would be good but I am a DancingFish for a reason. I want to really, properly dance to a classic song and V and I haven't had the opportunity to learn or practice. We have a bunch of other songs we like that would be pretty good and acceptable but nothing just screams- this is the perfect song!

It is causing me major anxiety.



Blogger Geeka said...

hubby and I had a picnic wedding, so there was no dancing. I don't dance, so actually it was good.

The song that reminds him of me, is 'my baby loves a bunch of authors', which can't really be danced to.

What part of PA are you from? You wouldn't be a yinzer, would you? Cause I could hook you up with some piroghi's.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Sneks said...

OK, so, I obviously was thinking about your dilema while watching fish videos and eating a cheesesteak (that V recommended and drove us to pick up -- yummy!).

As you are well aware, I am not exactly musically-inclined and I could listen to the same bad mix CD that my boyfriend made me for 5 weeks straight.

But here's my list of songs that I have liked from other weddings (that I think you maybe might sorta like a little):

~Billy Joel -- "I love you just they way you are" (a weird first song, but worked well at my cousin's wedding. But I can't really see you guys dancing to Billy Joel)

~Iron & Wine -- "Such Great Heights" (NOT the "pop version" sung by The Postal Service, but the slower version from Garden State -- could be a good slow waltz-y type song)

~"To make you feel my love" -- many versions of this song exist, but you might like the one by Josh Kelly

~Frank Sinatra OR Michael Buble -- "That's all" (I seriously LOVE the Michael Buble version of this song and constantly think that they should do a waltz to it on Dancing with the Stars. Sinatra is classic and everyone loves him!)

OK, you might hate all of those, but maybe one of them will lead you somewhere you do like!

YAY! 8 days left!! YAY!

1:31 PM  
Blogger DancingFish said...

Geeka- V doesn't dance either so that has become a limiting factor in our choices too. I am not a yinzer- much, much furher East. I do love some piroghi's though!

Sneks- Thanks for the suggestions! 'Such Great Heights' is actually on our short list of choices. We listened to the Postal Service constantly when we started dating. The fact that the Iron & Wine version was recently used in an M&Ms commercial sort of makes it less than ideal for me though....That and I told V that we have to climb up on the roof to dance to it so that we can wave to everyone just like in the song....I'm so practical.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous "evan dando" said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:20 PM  
Blogger DancingFish said...

E- I didn't mean to erase your comment! I was trying to edit the comment I had made and well, Blogger hates me right now for trying to change my login email.

Anyways, it is funny you mentioned death metal. V asked me if we could walk into the reception with "Iron Man" playing...I SO hope he was joking in a Guitar Hero and beer induced state....

3:38 PM  

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