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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lovely Day

Yesterday the ladies at Desert Outpost threw me a surprise bridal shower (no pics since it was a surprise)! I had no idea and it was so nice. They even came up with an animal theme complete with fish plates and dog bone cookies labelled with my pets names. Apparently before I arrived someone at the coffee shop where it was held commented that it looked like such a fun birthday party for the 5th grader who was there! Is it weird that a biologists' bridal shower can be mistaken for a kids party? They gave us what might be V's favorite wedding gift- a gift certificate to Black Jungle. Wedding frogs!!!!!
It was really nice of them to do. It has been hard planning all of this while being away from V and I don't really know anyone here expect the people I work with- and since they all have families and lives, I rarely see them outside of work hours. So, for them to take time to plan and celebrate with me really means a lot. Of course, forcing me into a boutique to pick out lipstick afterwards was a bit much (my car was getting its oil changed so I was at their mercy). I got a good, not too mature looking, non-sticky, non-fading "Cherry Stain" though so I suppose it was a smart move overall.

I am done with running experiments for now. I have to clean up the lab and my testing area. Then it is off to packing, backing up data and finishing up/practicing my talk for 7th and 8th graders tomorrow. I also have to ball up the yarn for the second Jaywalker and I (foolishly?) cast on for another pinwheeel baby blanket. After socks on size 1s, the blanket on 7s seems like the fastest thing I have ever knit! I haven't picked out what projects go with me for the wedding either. The blanket would be mindlessly good but will soon require two colors of yarn. The Jaywalker would be best if I get the yarn ready. My second silk armwamer is the other option. Not yet cast on but really the best combo of a small, non-difficult project.
Wireless hotel blogging tomorrow night! Woo hoo!



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