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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All the World is Green

Thursday morning- looking out on my Mom's backyard... A beautiful day Thursday for setting up. A beautiful day Friday (besides traffic pushing the rehearsal back an hour and 15 minutes)...
Saturday afternoon looking out at my Mom's backyard! The blurriness is raindrop induced. The umbrellas and shower-curtain-covered tables weren't for nothing! We were scheduled to start our running around taking fun pictures in about 6 different places at noon. I finally got dressed at 1:45 and made the call to go ahead with the outdoor ceremony rain or not. The puddles weren't so deep that you couldn't walk to the site and the cellist was cool as long as he had an umbrella. The rain held off for the giggle filled ceremony (the officiant started talking about our love of nature as 90 people sat cold and wet in the woods) and about 10 minutes worth of pictures. The dress was bustled and muddy, the veil even muddier as it fell off my head as we walked back down the aisle. Too bad we didn't really worry about rain- I was too worried about these guys who showed up on Sunday.

And I mean they SERIOUSLY showed up. This was at a friends' about 1/4 miles from my Moms' house.

We escaped North for a couple of nights as a gift from a group of friends. Beautiful weather Sunday and Monday as you can see from our view...

And to finish off the whirlwind-wedding-fun we had our "Cubby-moon!"

A loss for the Cubs of course, but an exciting 9th inning! It was a great weekend and we are so happy. Despite the laundry list of things that went "wrong" (there are a lot- from flowers being held for pests in Miami and subsequently ruined to the rain to the lack of pictures BECAUSE of the rain to fact that a tick got all up in my dress and made a nice home in my side during the reception), it was perfect. It was an adventure (thanks, weather!) and it was totally us. We are going to decompress for a few days, track down more cicadas and some more wedding pics and prep for field work (woo!). We can't thank everyone involved enough, everyone that came to celebrate with us and everyone that has supported us along the way!!

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Blogger Beverly said...


8:56 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

woo! Congrats! It sounds awesome!

9:33 AM  
Blogger Sneks said...

YAY! Funnest, most beautiful wedding ever! LOVED every little awesome detail!

And loved seeing you! I miss you in the Little Town!

Have a good time with V these next few weeks and get ready for super-fun in VT!!!

9:43 AM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

wow, congrats! for some reason i thought it was later in june...i was surprised to see the pics!! :)

glad you enjoyed it.

6:59 PM  

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