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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Dress Looks Nice on You

I was previously engaged and in the excitement of wedding planning I found THE DRESS. I looked at thousands of dress and this was the only one that was everything I had ever wanted. It turns out that it was discontinued so I needed a sample in my size and color (white makes me look like death apparently). There was one 20 minutes from my house and I loved it. Bought it that day (for 40% off) and it sat in my moms' house since then.

When V and I got engaged, I figured I'd wear that dress. It was MY wedding dress, not my wedding dress for THAT wedding to THAT person. When I tried it on in May, the dress didn't seem to fit quite right but I figured a little toning up and alterations would take care of it. Last week I tried it on again and it was the same. The waist was 2 inches too high and REALLY uncomfortable for me. I just kept trying to pull the thing down.
So we went to the tailor to make sure I wasn't getting hysterical about nothing. She was no help and sort of a bitch. "Why did you buy a dress that doesn't fit you?" Ummmm, thanks? Why would you say that to a girl wearing a wedding dress and trying not to cry? There was nothing she could do about the ill fitting-ness or even the too-big top part which we just assumed would be fine. Tulle and beads make dress alterations impossible, I guess.
We spent the rest of the day looking for and finding me a new wedding dress. One bridal salon let us do everything- look through dresses, put on dresses, rip dresses (just kidding- I think). Another was stuck up and too expensive so didn't have ANYTHING for me to try on. The third was great. The second dress I tried on there was the new one, I didn't want to take it off! It is strapless, slim A-line with a lace overlay. It is champagne with ivory/silver/rum lace and looks really vintage-y. The dress looks great and I really, really like it. I might not even need alterations. From impossible alterations to none in 9 hours! It is not the dress I thought I would be wearing, but it is a great dress and most importantly, I feel great in it. I can't wait to wear it and can already see myself dancing with V in it.

We also have flowers, a caterer, a tent, a bridesmaid dress, and three registries. DJ and Officiant are still in the works but are underway. 8 days of stress but we have a wedding planned and I even got to sleep in this morning!



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