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Thursday, March 16, 2006

things to look forward to...

So V and I have been home from school and work the past two days (3 for him) with the stomach flu. He has a much worse case than I do but neither of us are quite up to speed. Being sick is boring. I have been trying to work on the baby blanket but it is uncomfortable to sit up for too long. Eating is limited to toast and jello with lots of giner ale. I am so hungry and wanting things that are yummy that I have been watching too much Food Network (weird choice for a victim of stomach flu but it is better than other crap on tv). It really makes me appreciate the great foods that currently I can't have. Some of the things I am looking forward to and really want to eat RIGHT NOW...
Pancakes with chocolate chips
Green Beans
Chocolate covered strawberries
Fruit smoothies
Homemade fetticinni alfredo
Beer broiled brats
Homemade cheese burgers with the buns toasted on the top part of the grill
Corn on the cob
Breakfast sandwich
Twice baked potatoes
Mashed sweet potatoes
Smoked gouda with sundried tomatoes
And finally, a Shamrock Shake for St. Patricks Day tomorrow!!!
And V wants caramel corn, fried shrimp, chicken nuggets, a big hoagie, Panda Paws ice cream, and a fried fish sandwich.

Well, I better get going. I think the Jello is ready and I even have a choice between cherry and strawberry flavored!


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