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Sunday, March 12, 2006

one good drink, one bad drink...

I had a craving for a margartia yesterday. A GOOD morgarita- not a watered down, too sweet, not strong margarita from a bar. So, taking a recipe from a friend of V we gathered all of our ingrediants and as we sipped our drinks we realized what it was......THE INFAMOUS MEXICAN MATINI!!! Our first date involved mexican at Trudy's in Austin. They have an amazing drink there and it is the best margaritas you can ever have. Here is our version:
1 part Tequila
1 part Cointreau
1 part lime juice

Watch out- they are stong!! But they taste SO good.....

Well, tonight we ran out of lime juice and so tried another recipe from the Bartenders Guide. It was bad. I don't know why we even tried it: 1 part tequila, 1 part Kaluha. Yuck!

Two knitting related things: 1) I just saw Lisa Loeb learning to knit at The Point in NYC on her E! show! I love her and knitting. And now she knits too!
2) We went bowling on Friday to celebrate Sneks' friends visiting. On the lane next to us was a kid with a shirt. I know that the boy who runs that site (and who has had designs in Knitty) lives in my city but I couldn't tell if it was him or not so I didn't say anything. Either way it was cool to see a kid with the pro-knitting shirt out and about!

Well, back to resting and recovering from my migraine today. It was a bad one and I even had to abandon my research plans for the day and have V drive me home from school. Luckily I am feeling better now...just in time for sleep!


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