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Monday, November 28, 2005

A few things

We made it back safe and sound and with a cat who is so happy to have us back that he is even cuddling with V (he NEVER does that).
Anyways, the good news is that I am not crazy- at least not in a seeing things sort of way. About two weeks ago I thought I saw a tree lit up on the side of the tallest building in our town. I made V drive around and look for it with me but it was gone. No tree, no green lights, just me with a story about an Xmas tree weeks before Thanksgiving. Today it was there again! It is so festive and bright and the coolest thing is that it is actually there and I wasn't imagining it.

Sort of random but I must tell you that I hate that they use "Linus and Lucy" in a Ford commercial. I love love love that song and all of the Vince Guraldi (spelling may be wrong) Trio Charlie Brown music. It is so good to listen to all year round (even the Christmas music)- just not in a commercial.

I can't talk about knitting because it is all secret right now. Hopefully I will be fast and gift it this weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

2 years

So V and I had our first date two years ago today. He made me a couple of cd's and the one on the bottom said "call xxx-xxxx for artists and track listings" he is sooo smooth right?!? Anyways, we made plans for a date on Tuesday to see Elf. He called me on Monday telling me to come up to Austin then since traffic on Tuesdays is MUCH worse than on Mondays. Again smooth- I STILL haven't gotten an answer about the traffic patterns in central Texas between Mondays and Tuesdays. Well, we went to dinner and ended up staying up almost all night talking. We still went to see Elf the next day before I had to go home and feed my cat. It might have been the world's longest first date, clocking in at 28 hours, and we have been together ever since.

On our drive to IL, we decided on a theme song....

"Sometimes we rock and roll
I'd rather stay at home
and Build a life
This heart's on fire
This heart's on fire"
-Wolf Parade

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What do YOU do in the car?

I knit in the car. This was great!! I can not read in the car- it is a bad situation. I have tried to knit in the car and have failed and ended up with a migraine and upset stomache. But last night I decided I could try again so I found I can knit in the car (If it is dark out and if it is garter stich and if it is only for an hour). At least I finished an afghans for Afghans square. I also did 4 more repeats on Branching Out but that was over the last few days and definitly NOT in the car.

So I am in Illinois for the next few days. My wireless connection doesn't work (I am really hoping it is just the hardware and not my whole computer slowly dying) but my mom has a great computer- it is even green. It is so cool!

Anyways, I need to get showered. So far this trip is going well. V's mom bought us donuts for breakfast and I am expected at the bar in less than an hour.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

How I wish I were feeling better! Like last spring when V and I were collecting fishes...

Everyone loves waders....

sniffle sniffle

So yesterday was the Big Rivalry Game. The MOST played college football rivalry that was in its 125+ meeting. Football is much easier to follow on TV but was cool to see such a big crowd at my school. This was my 2nd college football game in all of my 3 schools. We missed out on the tailgate (and I had a completely strange "meeting" of the grad students in anatomy last night) We left to miss traffic with 2 minutes left and our team up by 2. I guess it was a good game because the other team actually won with a touchdown in those 2 minutes!

The game did a number on me though. It was really cold and windy and whatever sickness I have been pushing away has finally got me. I am tired and runny-nosed and just trying to rest until V gets back from the store with the Dayquil. Hopefully the Thanksgiving break won't be ruined by sickness. I am already pretty much booked everyday. Being more busy when on break than during school sucks but what do you do? Relax or see people who you don't usually get to? Maybe I'll get to relax at Xmas break...

I must keep my knitting news to myself as it is for someone who I think reads this- My newest project is AWESOME though and one of my favorites yet!!

Finally, I must wish Hamstergrrl luck in Australia. She left yesterday for an unknown amount of time but filled with research and lots of adventures knowing her!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Da Bears!

I finished V's Bears hat- it is not as big as I thought it would be but it still fits him and he likes it. He has changed his mind about the pompom on top though. That is probably for the best. Hopefully a pic sometime this week.

I think this week is the calm before the storm. Thanksgiving, Last exams, finals, all will creep up faster than they should and the next thing I know I will be driving to IL for Xmas. Anyways, I am trying to be more productive overall in this lull in school related action. I actually came up with an offical dissertation related project to start on. Of course, my fish STILL are not aclimated to fresh water. If I am vigilant, they should be good to go by the time I return from Turkey Day. I also am turning in my first writings to my advisor. The intro for my first PhD school related paper and the deadline is tomorrow! It should have been weeks ago but I have a bad habit of trying to perfect the little things instead of just turning it in so I can shape up the big things how my advisor wants them.

Check it out: I found a pic from our grad poster session a few weeks ago. On the actual webpage they spell both the name of my study species (common- not even scientific!) and my name wrong. hmmm, I wonder what that says about the impression I've left on these folks thus far...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Knitter!

Welcome Snex to the ranks of knitters everywhere! Last night was her first foray into knitting and she did really well for the first time. I started abother square for PhD schools' afghans for Afghans project and worked on V's Bears hat too.

Friday night was a going away dinner for Hamstergrrl. It was great food at the Melting Pot and I think the most exensive meal I have ever eaten (at least having paid for myself!). It was SO good though- 4 courses of fondue goodness. My favorite was the desert course of course! Chocolate with crunchy peanut butter seriously to die for.... now only if it didn't have to involve one of my good friends leaving the country!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Crunch time

I would tell you all about how much I love my seed stitch scarf but I have to write a lecture. For tomorrow. I found out the topic today at 4. Yikes! I actually am not that stressed about it yet. I have notes and it is a pretty easy topic (adaptation). Still a powerpoint must be made!

In other news, the Seymour goes to the vet tomorrow. The cat has irritable bowel syndrome. It is flaring up. I wouldn't say explosive diarrhea.....ok yes I would. We even have to turn the fan on after he goes to the bathroom. I hope they can fix his stinky ass!

Monday, November 07, 2005


So, after a great evening Friday night of bowling (see right), side ponytails (offical bowling hair!) and general fun for a friends birthday, I went to bed. Not quite asleep, I got up to check that the back door was locked. I fell down the stairs. It hurt, I cried. I now have a 2" by 2" bruise on my back- the not quite back, not quite butt part. And by "bruise" I mean area that is black-ish purple- not purple-ish black- mostly black. I'd put up a picture but you really don't want to see it. I can't lay on my back and driving is painful but hopefully it will start to go away soon. The fall itself was actually pretty comical I'm sure. It surely has me rethinking my choice of slippers!

Injuries aside, V and I hiked a couple miles of the AT on Saturday- the colors are changing and it was really beautiful. The trees are like fire!

In knitting news, I should finish up my alpaca scarf tonight and I started on V's Bears hat. I am using Hot Head from the first SnB and adding a folded up portion and a big orange pompom on top!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

some much needed knitting pics!

Here he is! California- the best pooch in the world! He has some crazy eyes here but he is a good looking dog that is for sure.

Finally! a pic of my Branching Out scarf! So only 3 repeats thus far but thanks to Amandamonkey, I am not frogging it. I will continue and do a good job of blocking it and then enjoy it for years to come. Or enjoy giving it as a present this Xmas.

Here is my latest obsessive project...The seed-stitch Alpaca scarf. I only hope it is a warm and great as it feels while knitting it up. It is simple but I waer a lot of color so need something that can be an everyday sort of scarf. Therefore, can't be too flashy. I really enjoy the seed stich-yness of it though.

I had a well deserved trip to Kraemer Yarn Shop today! Yea for yarn! New yarn! I got a bunch of Mauch Chunky for X-mas presesnts and a Chicago Bears (blue and orange if you aren't a sports fan) hat for V. And some crazy fuzzy-sparkly yarn in a white/blue-ish color for a pair of super fun arm warmers for winter time. Happy Knitting!