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Monday, October 15, 2007


First and foremost- thank you to my mom and friend S who visited us last week! It was great to see them and also to get our wedding shower gifts which have been sitting in my moms house since March. Plus they went to do some field collecting with me so it was a good work week as well!
My mom is also super crafty. She is even going to be opening her own Etsy store soon! Well, she is my saving grace during this 'year of the sweater'. I haven't started one yet but here is her progress.... It has major potential to be cute despite the awesome 80s picture from the pattern book. I have been making progress on the silk armwarmer as well (at least until I slammed my finger in a window). During her visit, she also helped me make a new skirt. I had a very simple a-line from the Gap that I love and so we used it to make a pattern. A lot of explanation and a few hours later gave us this: We tried a heather grey, wool version as well but something went awry so it travelled home with my mom to be fixed. I am going to try one on my own this weekend. The material is in the washer and my mom is on speed dial so I am ready!
Our Weekend of Making Stuff was not limited to the craft realm. We finally figured out where to get non-thin crust pizza. Make it yourself! We are Chicago-style pizza people and while it isn't deep dish, but better than anything order-able around here. Yum!
Now it is back to the Midwest for our visitors and back to work for us. But work will be just that much better with cute skirts and pizza on the menu at home!

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Blogger Nadine said...

That pizza looks delicious, although I prefer a thin crust.

Love the skirt!

3:04 PM  

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