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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great lecture week!

My super fun filled picture post is waiting till Blogger lets me upload pictures! Boo!

In other news, tomorrow is Blog Action Day. Everybody blog about the environment!

Work has been plugging along. This week I get to lecture about the topic most closely related to my own research and am thrilled. It will prove to be challenging because there are only 2 days devoted to the topic and I must pick out what to cover and not go into too much detail. The book we are using leaves much to be desired so this might be a prime time to highlight original research. A lot of my students do research in our department and have responded well to talking about data in class. They have issues with the bigger picture research questions though. Existing areas of research, conflicting data, or unresolved research problems just throw them for a loop. They want answers, not unresolved questions I guess.
I hope everyone is enjoying fall now that it finally has arrived!

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