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Friday, September 21, 2007

A letter to my research

Dear Research,

I know it has been a while since we got to spend some quality time together. Remember last semester and all summer when we hung out everyday! Long weekends over coffee, late nights staying up together- it was fun and so nice to get to know you so well!
Lately, our special times have just become strained. There is so much riding on our collective shoulders! I am so aggravated because I care so much for you but cannot give you the attention you want and need. This relationship is a two-way street and you have been great- really giving me your all. Your significant differences, your beautiful graphs. I talk about you a lot and everyone seems to love you. It isn't fair to just take and take from you and you deserve better, Research.

Lately, I can understand you are feeling ignored. We both know that I have been spending late nights and weekends with Teaching lately. Even worse, when I am not doing that- I don't even bother to try to spend time with you. Well, I am truly sorry. I assure you, Research- it isn't you, it's me.
Despite our troubled times recently, I want you to know that it is just a phase and you mean no less to me than you ever did. We are going to get through this! Things will get easier if we can just stick together right now. Teaching is only here for a few more months and then you will again be my academic one and only. Maybe next semester we can go on a trip together or something. Just get away from everything and reconnect. Please just know how much you mean to me and that I miss you.


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Blogger frog-o-phobic said...

HAR. This sounds like things I used to compose in my head when I was in grad school. Also... I peppered your old posts with comments, sorry. I need to add you to my google reader but had temporarily forgotten how!!

3:08 PM  

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