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Thursday, September 13, 2007

How you can tell I need the weekend to be here already...

One of my officemates came into the office for the first time all semester. He looked at me and said "Oh, hey there DancingFish" like he was surprised to see me in the office. I managed to smile and say 'hi' back but in my head it went more like this....'I hate you for taking the only desk near the window and then NEVER using it except to store your giant piles of papers while I stare at a wall 40 hours a week. And, also, you smell.'
Ok, I might be a little overly bitter about the window. But he really does smell- usually of cigarettes.
I can't wait for the weekend when these two are my 'officemates.'



Anonymous RyGuy said...

It's true. I worked along side of him for 2 years and I still have nightmares about his smell and his abnormal breathing!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous JimmyLuke said...

the breathing was bad...the smell worse

10:53 AM  

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