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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Other options

There have been a number of people this week thinking (and blogging) about other career options. I have started checking out postdoc and job listings just to start to gauge what types of things are out there. Plus it is great procrastination for writing lectures! At least it is science related!

Well, all these things have got me thinking about the extreme lack of jobs I've ever had and what would really be other career options for me. There aren't that many and there are particularly few that I could actually do. Rockette? I'm too tall (really). As if that is the only thing keeping me from being a Rockette right? Anyways, here are my lists...

Jobs I've had:

Hardware store checkout girl

Dance teacher

Photo lab tech

Cowgirl at a theme park

College student tutor

Marine science camp educator



Jobs I've never want (Really way to many to name) :


Anything to do with cleaning

Anything where I have to be on the phone to people a lot

High school teacher (despite 3 years of being an ed major in undergrad)



Jobs I wouldn't mind:




Copy editor

Education department in a zoo or aquarium

Yoga/pilates instructor

Naturalist/outdoor guide


Genetic counselor


Scuba instructor/divemaster

Academic/professor (I assume this should be on here since it is what I am working towards!)



Blogger frog-o-phobic said...

Aw, come on now, teaching's not that bad! Unless you don't like kids... But then you wouldn't want to be a zoo/aquarium educator either, I guess. El Toro used to work for a beekeeper, and was a beekeeper for a while. It's a super-cool job, but backbreaking if you're doing it for a living.

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