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Thursday, September 27, 2007

But I didn't want a donut...

I stopped at my favorite quick stop place for coffee this morning. The general manager was checking me out and asked if I was hungry. I wasn't and said so. He tried to make sure I didn't really want a donut. I didn't and said so.
He goes on to explain to me that if I buy a donut, my coffee will be cheaper. Not in terms of the coffee being less expensive but the total purchase being more- the coffee itself actually costs more when bought alone than with a donut. I SAVED MONEY by buying a donut. Only about 12 cents but STILL.
While I was appalled at the shoving of donuts at me and the fact that I have trying to be good about eating healthy and really didn't want a donut (it was chocolate and very yummy) I didn't have much of a choice.


Can you believe it?



Blogger Nadine said...

I wish I had a fiscally responsible donut right now.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

and we wonder why we have an obesity problem . . . because people like me who would HAVE to eat the fiscally responsible donutan

9:02 PM  

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