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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Believe in Spring

There are actually 5-6 things I want to knit in the new Interweave Knits Spring preview! I usually don't think I could do the projects I like, or just hate the projects. I will have to see bigger pics but so far I am thinking of the Green Tea Raglan, Dollar and a Half Cardigan, Bonsai Tunic (might be too hard though), Swan Lake Cardigan (also might be a bit challenging), and I LOVE the Slanted Neck Pullover!

The thing about all of these is that they are classic looking. Detailed but not too busy with simple lines and subdued colors. So many pattens out there are so detailed with cables/color/etc that I don't feel that I could wear them often enough to make the knitting time and yarn money really worthwhile.

Of course, this want of simple, classic knits totally goes against my previous post about wishing I had a more stylized wardrobe.
There has to be a way to incorporate both without looking like a clothes schizophrenic. Oh yeah, and be a way to do so on a grad student budget. HA!



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