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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So it is a bit chilly here in Desert Outpost. Funny- I didn't think it would be in the teens in the DESERT but alas, I am wrong again.
It is so cold that all the pipes froze. Forget no HOT water- I now have NO WATER. I haven't showered since Sunday morning and I would like to do so soon. When I was an undergrad, I went to Costa Rica for 11 days as part of a class. We spent the last part of our trip deep in the rainforest. The rainy season started early so we were an 8 mile walk with whatever you could stuff in your backpack because the trailer couldn't bring the rest of your luggage deep in the rainforest.
Anyways, conjure up your best idea of the rainforest and I bet it is hot, humid and muggy. That was what we all expected too, but alas, it was humid, muggy and 45 degrees. The place we were staying at ran for 2 hours a day on a generator but other than that- no heat, no light, and definitely no hot water. I find that if you take a cold shower in a cold place- you just end up miserable. Sure you might be clean, but was it really worth it? On that trip I won the award for "longest without a shower" by going 6 days with no formal shower (I did hike in the rain though!). Hopefully I won't have to do that again considering that I am now surrounded by new colleagues who I am supposed to impress (of course they are all clean). I hear that the trailer with the laundry room still has water so I might go try to spruce up a bit after work tonight.

Wish me luck- and some warm weather!



Blogger mammagumm said...

you are also the new kid on the block. At some level, they should be trying to impress you. I don't think that is happening.

9:15 AM  

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