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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Holding down the fort

So V left yesterday and Advisor left this afternoon. I have a few days in this ghost-town till my move a bit North to my new Desert Outpost. It isn't really much if a a town, nor just a field site so for lack of a better name Desert Outpost it is! Until my move on Thursday (or Friday?) I should be busy with writing grant proposals and manuscript reviews. Unfortunately this afternoon all I did was read a bridal magazine and catch up on blogs.

There seem to be a lot of great things going on in the knitting blog world right now. New KALs, Project 365, 100 miles by April 1st (no links due to slow internet...) are all things I would join if I knew what life were going to be bringing me in any way in the near future. I wish everyone luck in their organized endevors and hope to be in a stable enough place soon enough to get involved in some of these. If not, I'll just be following everyone elses' progress so keep things updated!

The worst news I have to share is that I am having a really hard time knitting. Some of the lifting and research related work all week made me use muscles I don't usually use... including lifting heavy things with only arms and grasping heavy things with only finger strength. Noooooo!!! Not sore fingers! I am even more disapointed with this development because I am knitting armwarmers with this....
Talk about a great experiance! I am loving the silk yarn, new Addi Turbos, and not-so-much loving the sore fingers....grrrrrr...

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