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Monday, January 22, 2007

No, who is THIS?

For some reason, it seems my cell phone lines have become crossed. Yesterday I kept trying to call V. I call him. My phone says I am connected to him. I talk. It is not him. I feel foolish. He simultaneously gets a call that says it is me calling. It is not me.
This happened 4 times when I called V and once when I texted a different friend. Not only is it weird, but I am apparently pretty scary if you don't know me....

Embarrassing crossed call #1.
Bears just got a turnover.
Me YELLING to who I think is V: "HOLY CRAP!"
Guy who sounds a little like V: "Yeah, uh holy crap!?"
Me: "That was totally crazy!"
Guy: "I can hardly believe it!" Hangs up.

Embarrassing crossed Text #1
My text: "I'm so glad you were wrong! Woo hoo! The bears totally squashed them!"
My phone rings saying it is the friend I wrote.
Me: "Hello, how awesome is this?"
Strange girl: "Hello? who is this?"
At this point I think my friend is playing a trick and either gave the phone to someone else or is just pretending to not know me. Other people have done this to me before and I always fall for it.
Me: "How great is this!"
Girl: "I just got a text from this number. Do I know you? Why are you talking about Bears?"
Me: "Are you kidding? Just stop it- I am really excited!"
Girl: silence
Me: "Isn't this friends' name?"
Girl: "No, and I have never heard of them before."
Me: " ummmm" then I go on to explain that I wasn't talking about REAL bears. uhhh, football team? Chicago? Apologize profusely.
Girl: "Oh, ok." Hangs up.

What is going on? I really hope this stops. I don't like having to ask who it is when I can V. Plus, yelling at strangers and scaring girls with texts about bears is just weird.

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Blogger Sarah said...

Wooooo! Go Bears!

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