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Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter A-Go-Go

Right. I thought cold temps were bad? Try 6-12+ inches of snow! I brought two pairs of flip flops and no boots with me here (again I must stress IN THE FREAKIN DESERT!).

Things are better here now. Folks are really helping me get started on my work and are doing a lot of work for me to get me all set up- which is truely awesome. I am feeling like I will be able to accomplish everything I was hoping to while here, which is a pretty great feeling. Plus, I really like my 'boss'. She is this liberal, no-nonsense, super encouraging, great research woman who has a tendency to use terms like "crapshoot."

Well, time to print out a bunch of papers and get ready to hibernate (i.e. watch Felicity DVDs, knit, and read said papers all weekend). I hope the ol' RV it can hold up in all this!

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