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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Only in Our town

Ahhhhhhh, the 4th of July. Good food with friends, fireworks, and a fun day all around. Except that things are a bit different here in Our Town. After every big boom, I ask V if that was a firework or a gunshot (the gunshots are rare, don't worry mom).
The fireworks themselves were really good. They lasted a whole hour- the longest I have ever seen and everytime we thought it was over, the finale just kept on going. But at the fireworks show, there was a skydiver that landed on the football field before the show began. He had an American flag attached to his foot. The foot he uses to LAND his parachute. I was a bit disapointed he didn't light up the flag right then and there after running to stop and dragging the thing on the ground. Maybe flags can touch the ground if it is sacred ground like a football field. Speaking of sacred ground...the stadium where we watched the show was across the street from a cemetary. Where a ton of people sat in cars and on the ground to watch it. Nothing says respect the dead like lighting sparklers and eating funnel cake on your grave.


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