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Thursday, June 22, 2006

So, where was I?

Now that I am back in the swing of things here in PA, there is one thing I haven't done- any knitting. Sorry. Too much science and acedemic things to knit right now (now that I said thatI will start knitting though of course!).
Anyways, on that side of my life, 1) I am submitting one manuscript- my first with my new advisor- any time now. Putting my work out there for review is just stressful and scary so I drag my feet in doing it a bit. 2) I am also writing up my last paper from my time doing my Masters; Long rainy weekend will hopefully be productive =) 3) I have data from Texas to analyze and present in August. 4) I have data from last summer in the FL Keys to finish analyzing (stats by hand left) and writing. 5) I need to get some fish to breed in my lab. Seriously. It has been almost a year and my frustration with this can not get higher. Related to this is my number one concern right now. I have an oppertunity to travel to do my dissertation research in the desert. It seems like one of the only options I have to do what I wanted to do for my research. But I don't REALLY want to spend my first 4 months of married life on the wrong side of the country from the husband. V and I have spent 8 months apart before and plan on this happening again due to us both being on the grad school/postdoc/job track. I am also inspired by many amazing women doing great science and balancing their equally great relationships. None of this makes it an easier decision though.

Finally, a hats off to V!! His first scientific publication is now out! Not even a grad student yet and already a manuscript. He caught a snake today too. Talk about a good week!


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