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Friday, June 22, 2007

TV Waves

Just a few bullets of things that have been on my mind, waiting to be posted about. I have major writing to do for a first draft deadline next Monday in addition to the weekend of experiments, lit searching and data collection. Tonight, I am running and knitting. Yay!!

  • On the plane back to NM, there was a man with a big tv camera as his carry-on. He was sitting on the other side of the plane on row behind me. I overheard him tell the people next to him that he was a cameraman for the Discovery Channel..................No. Freaking. Way. I have wanted my own Discovery Channel show forever. It is pretty much my dream job. Not any show though- I have a specific topic and a whole seasons worth of ideas already. Plus-I'm fun! Put me on TV to talk about science already!! I even applied to be the host of "Ms. Adventure" on Animal Planet last year. I think I was either too science-y or not hot enough. Annnnywaaays, after spending the plane ride dreaming up situations where I introduce myself and they want to hire me as soon as they hear I am a scientist, I did actually go talk to the guy and his producer at baggage claim. It sounds like the stories they are doing here are pretty interesting. I tried to tone down the fangirl in me and didn't ask any details like what show they were working on but I did tell them about some of my research. No tv show offer or anything but they seemed genuinely interested and we had a nice chat!
  • I was asked to write my first letter of recommendation. It is for a professor from my undergrad days who I did my first research with. She also taught the first classes I ever took focusing on my field and subfield. She had a major influence in the general sense of what I am doing with my life and the strict sense of what I am doing my research on. I am so honored that she thought of me to ask for a letter.

  • I've never actually written a letter of recommendation before. Any advice?
  • This sign is off of I-10 (Maybe I-20? I can't remember) somewhere we were for field work. The maintenance man didn't understand why I wanted a picture of the two signs together. He had no answer when I asked him if I was supposed to email someone if I saw a snake....



Blogger hamster_grrl said...

That is a funny picture.

But I suppose snakes also need the internet. It is web 2.0 and all.

8:15 AM  

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